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There are an array of careers one can choose from, grouped together in different core books by their similarity and relationship to the character types.

Edge of the Empire (Fringe & Underworld)[]

Representing those trying to make a life for themselves on the edge of the Outer Rim and working in the underbelly of the galaxy.

Age of Rebellion (Military Units)[]

Includes such careers that one would find themselves in for the Rebellion in times of conflict.

Force & Destiny (Force-Sensitives)[]

Represents the diverse career choices of those who choose to pursue their connection with the Force, including those who focus on lightsaber techniques.

These characters will also be able to learn and master a set of force powers.

Rise of the Separatists & Collapse of the Republic (Clone Wars)[]

Members of the republic, fighting against a secessionist group that is secretly lead as a scheme of the Sith...


There are also a set of universal careers, from all corners of the galaxy...

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