Star Wars RPG (FFG) Wiki

Produced by Fantasy Flight Games, there is a vast catalog of player options; weaponry, gear, vehicles, species, careers and more. This Fandom Wiki aims to have a quick-check platform upon which you can find all the most basic rules for creating your character and equipping them.

This wiki does not provide any GM tips and rulings, or the lengthy context and world-building found in the source books. You will need to purchase those books or find the information on Wookieepedia.

Star Wars Role-Playing Game

This RPG was split into three core rulebooks, which separate player options into groups of careers which go together.

Edge of the Empire

Contains careers, equipment, and gear that correspond to members who live in the Fringe of the galaxy. They are typically the scum and villainy, but also include explorers and colonists.

Age of Rebellion

Contains careers, equipment, and gear that correspond to those fighting the wars in the galaxy. These soldiers, spies and diplomats are pitched as Rebel options, but may be Imperial or Republic members.

Force & Destiny

Contains careers, equipment, and gear that correspond to those attuned to the ways of the Force. These may be members of the Jedi Order, Sith or independently trained.

Character Options


There are a multitude of careers which a character might want to pursue, one is selected along with a specialisation.

Force Powers

Certain career options grant the character force sensitivity and the ability to take on special powers.


The galaxy of Star Wars is filled to the brim with a variety of interesting and unique species from which to choose, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

Equipment Options

One travelling the galaxy requires all sorts of equipment to facilitate achieving their goals. These are but certain categories of items that are available to purchase and use. Categories at the bottom of the pages of any equipment suggest a career they may be particularly suitable for.


Even a pacifist needs a weapon to stay safe in this massive galaxy. There are weapons of all sizes and types, something to suit any buyer or aficionado.


Plain clothes may do for most, but if you're going to be running into less-than-ideal situations you may want to equip yourself accordingly.


Even more important than a weapon, the gear you carry is just as likely to save your life. Ranging from scanners to complete terraforming mega-structures - here too one can find just what one needs for their mission or goals.

Vehicles & Starships

Unless one's looking to barter for a ride every couple days, every character needs a vehicle. This may simply be a speeder or planetary vehicle... or it could be a star destroyer if you have the money and crew to maintain it.


Perhaps purchasing off the production line isn't possible in some circumstances, or the character simply likes a fully customised gadget or gear. For this purpose, there are a variety of crafting rules!

Community Resources

Furthermore, the online community is a great resource for getting deeper into the Star Wars RPG. Be sure to use all the resources available and widen your network of like-minded players and GMs.

Rules Reminders

There are a few rules that are critical to understanding character creation and equipment choices.


A character has access to a set of skills, all used to some degree in most campaigns.

Narrative Dice

These dice provide GMs and players a way to attribute a narrative to mechanical checks in a way a d20 fails to achieve.